Watches: what nobody told you


Buy a good clock requires a big investment and boasts every purchase requires meditation. We contacted the expert in luxury shopping Rosa Thomas to advise us. Rosa is the director of CIRCA Barcelona , the leading company in the purchase of watches and jewelry to individuals.

She knows better than anyone what the best valued watches and why.

What criteria should take into account when buying a watch? Apart from the design and is comfortable, it is important to be clear what we are looking for a clock Daily jewel or a watch, if we want gold or steel and even the type of mechanism that suits us.

Did watches are good investments? They are a good investment from the moment they are born pieces to be worn and enjoyed. If we succeed with the chosen model, can be a piece we visited every day and we can enjoy for years.

If you are thinking of buying to sell, there are certain brands better positioned than others in the used market. Within a particular firm’s most iconic models, or more desirable than others, which has a direct relationship to the number we can get him. Are there models or brands that do not lose value over time? Automatic models, whether gold steel or certain brands like Rolex, Cartier , Patek Philippe and certain female models Bulgari, are a safe bet.

The man watches market is much more active and stronger than women, with the clock one of the few items that man thinks in acquiring for himself when it comes in a jewelry store. However, there are timeless models, like the model Santos of Cartier, a watch that was created in 1904 by Louis Cartier for his friend the Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont, who wanted to check the time without losing control of his “flying machine.” What kind of watches are the most popular at present, the market for resale / collectors? In terms of design, the large spheres, which are also currently the most desired by women.

The timers, enter a higher level quartz watches and most desired brand is Patek Philippe. It is also important to keep your original belt, and they can be sold with its box, warranty and any additional mesh l that once took the clock to put to our measurement. Additional features always add value to a clock. Among the most valued apart from calendar, stopwatch or alarm, are the power reserve, moon phase, the tourbillon or break time. Now watches have large spheres, Will they be fashionable watches small sphere? Course, with certain changes that will make the old models of small spheres look outdated.

The watch is fashion, and fashion changes, what we thought was a great purchase for 10 years, does not have to be now. Did watches tastes vary by country? Tastes vary depending on the market: the European market is demanding in terms of mechanisms and complications, do not forget that Switzerland has been the global historical reference in manufacture of wristwatches.

Furthermore, in some countries, including Japan, far larger clocks is less than the big step into the American market, ranging from 46-50mm for man. In general, demand in Asia watchmaking high-end brands, very classic.