Why you should use Scholl sandals


I always have worked standing with all that that entails, but for a few months our work rate has increased greatly and I in within a month had broken feet. Always Where I had pretty well filled my enduring hardships and just standing nothing because then I got tired and all impacted me in the legs so a morning work became unbearable.

My mother had the same problem, although in his case was worse because she also suffers from varicose veins and being diabetic as is has to be very careful with your feet, so in his last visit to the podiatrist told him the problem and the doctor sandals recommended Dr. scholl gel. We started to look for them and we find that you could buy online, but they were very expensive, so we decided to order them just for her it was the worst off of the two.

Just try them and I started to say I was thrilled with them and even told me that I try (we use the same number of foot). Within two weeks about my grandmother had a foot problem and could barely sit on the floor so my father, without thinking twice, bought some sandals like my mother and like she kept telling me what good and how comfortable they were. Vionic shoes combine fashion and function it’s a great one to use for both facilities.

This was approximately a month before my vacation and that month that I was going to do to me as Eternal had twice the work in front and also on holidays was not going to have much time to rest precisely so a I ended up literally shattered day I started surfing the internet until I found where to buy them and I bought them and since then I just put other shoes lol..


We all know how important it is to have your feet healthy and well cared for and not only show how badly mangled feet but because it affects our wellbeing, but good step on our legs and our spine and back suffering. In my case it suffered from the column, but the legs never had problems until much work has started. At that time I started having tired legs, I had cramps … until finally I bought these sandals! This are the great benefits of Scholl shoes.

Collection spring – summer

If you enter www.cuidadosdelpie.com page, in the “spring – summer collection” will find sandals which I speak. Within the collection of this year there are four types of ranges: gelactiv, Bioprint, massage and backguard liquidity. Gelactiv range offers stylish and comfortable sandals carrying a cushioning gel to walk and steps so that you massage helps you avoid tiredness and sore feet with all that that entails.

The range Bioprint offers casual style sandals with flexible template that includes bending zones that help improve posture and evenly distribute body. Both the liquidity range backguard massage as are within the comfort range is offered stylish shoes, but comfortable.

Personally I like range is the gelactiv that is offered sandals prettiest sight or so it seems to me, at least. Some Bioprint range are also very beautiful, but hey that’s up to each one, and in this case one can not be carried away by what you like but you have to look as the problem you have and already within the range that best suits your needs, take the one you like.

The range gelactiv is also the most variety offers, and we have the following models: mirror, turkey, nosy be, patala, Rapanui, hungary and drop. My mother and grandmother have the mirror model and I drop. Change the design, but the template (which is important in this shoe) is the same in all models.

This range is called this because it incorporates gelactiv technology consisting of a flexible gel relaxing calcaneal area dimming steps. The template is also gel. The whole foot helps suffer less, namely less than 33% true walking.

Some sandal, put it in some way, we find that carries: on gel insole foam layer that serves to cushion the steps and contributes to the template does not lose its shape, the gel heel support reduce fatigue and tiredness in the legs and also helps keep your feet cool and comfortable as absobe heat, light sole is slip well and also incorporates flex zones.

In the case drop model (which I have myself) about the size 35 to 42 and, in theory, the other models as well, but I say in theory because my mother when asked commissioned a 35 and told at that number not manufactured, that the smallest number was 36.


I have these sandals since I have not have a sore foot, not really want to end the summer for fear that once you start to use boots and winter footwear hurt me feet again. It was a little respect for this type of footwear because the footwear anatomical always it was quite ugly to look so good it was I decided never to buy despite standing workstations. However, when I saw my mom’s sandals things changed until finally I bought mine.

Just put the first day and I noticed improvement and in just 15 days of use my feet started to improve considerably to the point that now I have just about corns and foot pains solved the first day that I used. I stopped hurting your feet at work and fatigue of feet and legs vanished, but the real test was spent this holiday.