Cold sore help – Make Up Tips for herpes on the lip


Lip herpes is a big annoyance for those affected – and for several reasons. Firstly turn the bubbles – if there was once an outbreak – again and again and, secondly, the patients suffer some great pain when eating, laughing and talking, because whenever the lips in motion are the sore spot is of course also claimed.

Another problem, of which women and men with herpes on the lip suffer greatly, is the aesthetic component: The highly swollen lip with crusted sores affect the appearance significantly and the sufferers feel almost reduced to the cold sore at the time of the outbreak, because they feel that the eyes of the interlocutor wander again to the diseased area and disgust emerges in the behavior of the opponent.


The bad thing: The unsightly skin change cannot be due to the unevenness also from a makeup professional with instructions readily with patches, camouflage and face powder or lipstick cover.

It should also be largely dispensed with the use of cosmetics to the affected areas during the outbreak in order to avoid contact infection of other skin areas about the make-up sponge or a new infection while reusing products.

Curing may also be retarded if the contents of the make-up products enter into the wound.

Once again, cold sores: What to do?
It is best therefore, to renounce entirely during the outbreak on makeup and to rise in this period also contact lenses on the glasses. This is important because usually a treatment of the vesicles occurs with antiviral creams and can be avoided, that the virus can spread through a careless rubbing the eye area after application.


Especially women who like to style themselves, so fear a herpes outbreak, because they then have to show unadorned and with a disfigured lip. Since herpes is also with stress exposure in connection with many people, the outbreak comes favorites always inconvenient, for example, during a job interview or a date.

The only solution is to avoid the factors that are considered the catalyst. The virus although you do not get out of the body, but if you avoid strong sunlight and temperature fluctuations, strengthens the immune system and also builds up a certain resistance to stress, the number of outbreaks should be significantly reduced. New preventive agents to prevent the occurrence of bubbles when used daily, are also on the market and can help prevent the dreaded outbreaks.