Your choice of colors – your personal fashion style

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Although the ideal world would be racism-free and equally suited to all skin tones, in the world of fashion, colors do matter – sometimes even more than the designs, brands and cuts. Different shades and hues keep getting in and out of fashion every now and again depending on the season, celebrity trends and designer whims, but there are some tried and tested tips color-wise to help you express your individuality in a stylish and original way.

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Trending tints: Earth tones are back in fashion

Brown, ocher, dark green and warm greys are back in trend this season, so if you’re shopping for swimwear online and want to keep up with the latest fashion fads, it’s best to go with earth tones. Brown or ocher swimwear will make you look very sophisticated, balanced and cultured, while olive green and grey will add a special note of stability, self-confidence and maturity to your beach-borne conquests. Plus, these colors tend to appear more natural than neon pink, green or yellow and they also help conceal slight shortcomings figure-wise so you won’t look overly tacky or gaudy.


Style royale: Violet, royal blue and deep red for a true lady

If you want to make an original yet classy statement through the choice of your swimsuit color, try violet, royal blue or deep red for size. These colors accentuate your stylish refinement and add an extra dash of noble airs to your appearance, so every true lady looking to stand out in the beach crowd should make sure she has a special fine-cut bathing suit in deep violet, royal blue or wine red in her swimsuit closet this summer.


A touch of classic: Body at its best in white and black

If you’re proud of your body and want to show your stunning figure at its best at the beach this summer, go with white or black swimwear. White tones will draw attention to your slender built and striking attributes, while black or dark grey will add a superior air of maturity and class to your appearance. Also, white reflects light to achieve ideal contrast between the tanned complexion and bathing suit (either onesie or tankini) so white swimsuit will accentuate your perfect tan and dark hair. On the other hand, black is a well-known light absorbent so it is a perfect choice for pale-tan and fair haired ladies wishing to soak in some sun fast.

Colors to avoid: Steer clear of too bright swimwear

Neon colors, as well as bright yellow, pink and orange are never the most flattering hue options for an afternoon at the beach. Excessively bright or garish tones can appear distasteful and tacky when worn in public so unless you really have an infallible self-confidence, try to avoid these when taking a trip to the beach wearing little else than your bikini.

In case you’re in two minds when it comes to the color of your next swimsuit, stick to the one you like better. Colors do send an important message to others, and each tone has a special subconscious connotation, so not all hues are equally suited to all times and places. Wearing your favorite tone will probably make you feel relaxed, positive and self-confident, and that’s what matters most when barely clothed. When shopping for your next swimsuit, pick a nice cut that accentuates your flattering figure and go with a color you like best, just make sure you remember balance is the key to everything in life, including swimsuit designs.