The best and most original Halloween Costumes

We know, comes Halloween and pretend to find a costume that will become the life of the party and allow you to live a night that will be remembered for the times of times. If you are looking in original costume for Halloween , we leave some ideas with you dazzle wherever he passes, but do not promise to be the only one who comes to these characterizations, because if anything stand out most is to be of highly topical.

Nurse Ebola

 Nurse Ebola

If anything distinguishes us Spaniards, is the ability to take a joke any theme for serious and rough it. Therefore, we firmly between the best Halloween costumes highlight, above all, the costume nurse or nurse Ebola. Of course, as the costumes are as “protectors” like the picture that heads this text, let us all by infected.

Ice Bucket Challenge


After the fashion, as supportive as heavy, wet with a bucket of ice water, all pages of costumes online self-respecting included in his catalog Ice bucket costume challenge. Although very scary really, is not to give. And, in recent years, Halloween has gone from being a party where frighten and dress up as icons of terror was the main motive to be a party where permitted any costume and characterization, provided attention. Smiffys fancy dress ideas could be good one for preparing your self with fancy dress for a party or occasion.

Pablo Iglesias, the scourge of breed


And the terror of new parents spent the terror of the political class which in recent years has been living beyond our means. Pablo Iglesias is undoubtedly one of the characters of the year, characterized as it is as easy as left a small, scruffy beard, worthy of the best hair shampoo commercials and accompany the look of a big bags  (full of clothes “anti”, of course).

One of the best costumes for this Halloween with that, yes, we suggest no partying at the outskirts of Genoa Street.

Jasmine Tri devil

Halloween Costumes

A grown woman and a woman who happened to do. Today we know that all the fuss raised in social networks by Jasmine Tri devil, the woman who introduced a third chest for like most men, is nothing more than a fake; but fake viral enough for it to be one of the costumes for Halloween 2014 most popular US

If you’re a girl and you have the courage to go out only with an exaggerated warm front and a tight mesh, this is your costume.