Ultimate Destination for Buying Best Jewelries

When we read inspirational stories of successful people, we try to imbibe their qualities and follow their path. Jacob Arabo is one of such man whom people would love to follow and reach to the ultimate destination filled with success and joy. He is the one who showed how passion and talent can form the best creation and eventually help one attain a strong niche in the industry.  Today, Jacob Arabo is the man whom people trust when it comes to diamonds. However, it was not so very easy to achieve but then for a smart man like him was not too difficult at the same time.


Often there are decisions taken in life which makes or breaks a person. Sometimes changing place scatters a person but for a person like Jacob Arabo, relocation rightfully made his life. It was pretty easy for him to change from Yakub to Jacob. He took up American culture easily but deep down inside had soft corner for Uzbekistan, his birth place. His respect for humanity and dedication towards work made him what he is today. His passion and drive for creating something of his own made him Jacob the jeweler. This is certainly not an easy task, but he had it in him to make a difference.

With a firm faith on his talent and creative skills, Arabo excelled in his journey of jewelry designing and is still going strong to conquer the world of ornaments and watches. Fighting with the strong competitors in the market, Arabo’s watch collection has come out really strong. It was not very easy for him to fight against these market leaders. But his creativity, unique style and utmost quality made his products excel over the age-old leaders as well. He could successfully merge modernity with traditional rigidity and brought a real NEW thing for the world. With all the five time zones in a watch, he showed the world his ability of thinking out of the box.

Jacob the Jeweler did the same with his jewelry collection as well. From a small kiosk he brought himself to the world as a true entrepreneur. The year 1985 witnessed the creation of history with Jacob Arabo launching his own line of brand Diamond Quasar under Jacob & Co. There on he never had to look back. Understanding the trend of people, he always played with the price factor and kept is reasonable to cater maximum portion of society. However, he meant his products for all. Today, he is a celebrated name in the field of jewelry and ornaments. The name says it all for him.

Quality to him was the ultimate factor to be looked upon. Apart from his unique style and cut, he never compromised on quality. He handpicked each of his precious and semi-precious stones from around the world. Diamonds came from Golconda, India and other stones from African continent. He always looked for affiliation from Kimberley Process Certification Scheme to maintain the international standard to legalize the deal of skirmish diamonds. And when it came to quality and cut he made sure the GIA certifies all his smallest of the small pieces of diamond. All these factors jointly made Jacob Arabo, the famed jeweler today.