Leather accessories that can not miss in your closet

Leather accessories

This season the skins in neutral colors like black and gray, and with some texture are imposed. Handbags, shoes and briefcases, large design houses are betting on the tradition and quality of the skin.

The classic aesthetic proposals are complemented by fittings and combinations of textiles with patterns or textures characteristics of each brand.

Details like mixing different textures in boots, visible stitching, using rubber soles and wood, and dotted with drawings on the tips and wings, typical of Oxford shoes, make the difference and define the tastes and preferences of each person.

Leather jackets are timeless and have become a hallmark of style. They are using a rocker adjusted and air, perfect with a casual look or an evening gown. Are the perfect complement and the great fashion icons can not live without them.

Brown tones, camel and chocolate are strong, especially in menswear. The designs are sporty and versatile. Chamois, always elegant, remain a favorite for casual shoes.