Points to consider when choosing eyewear


The last couple of decades have brought us some incredible developments in terms of technology, but some progress in the form of eyewear may well have slipped in without us really recognizing the changes that have occurred.

Remember those giant-framed glasses that graced many a family photo of the 1980s and early 90s? Those leviathans could cover half the face and caused you to appear as if you couldn’t really see through them anyway, since they magnified your eyes so much.

Nowadays, any excuse for donning such a pair wears thin, with all of the fashionable developments that have come to the world of eyewear, and indeed there is so much choice that the trip to the eye specialist can leave you with too much to choose from, rather than the opposite.

So where should you begin? The variety on offer means you can find something you’re always happy with, and that will remain in fashion, no matter how your face and hair complement your eyewear.

Typically, it is recommended that eyewear match the size of your face, relatively speaking. As in, if your face is a bit smaller than average, huge frames could look silly, and the same holds true for those with a bigger face and tiny frames. If you’re confident that you can rock it regardless, always go with what you feel fits best.

A good choice of glasses can also help you stand out a mile, especially in a club packed full of people, or at one end of the bar. No longer just here to help us see, there is no reason not to look good at the same time as trying to read a menu.

Simple and classic styles are very much in for 2016, seeing something of a rebirth while being brought up to date with modern design. Clear frames are also a hot trend on fashion catwalks and high streets alike.

Sunglasses ought to be an essential part of your repertoire, so you can look cool and still see, rather than squinting every time you join your friends in the park. Bamboo frames are receiving a lot of love at the moment, complementing the dark lenses particularly well. If you struggle to wear the sunglasses you love, as you would have to wear them over a pair of prescription glasses, getting LASIK eye surgery could be the best option if you want to look fresh in the sun as often as you can.

It is no longer a choice between black and black in terms of frame color either, and various different colors are looking hot right now, especially the likes of pastel blue during the summer months.

With such a great wealth of choice for what we can opt for to put over our eyes, following trends is getting a lot easier, as this isn’t just about one ‘must-have’ item. Many different trends are emerging during 2016, and it is definitely worth checking to see if the pair you go for will also end up on the catwalk.