Tips For Teens Fashion

Today I bring some fashion tips for girls who read me and are teenagers. You have asked me many times, so I hope you will be of assistance

Tips For Teens Fashion

1. Be the same

The most important in adolescence is to get what you want or feel comfortable wearing it. In this age, it is easier to be influenced by other people, but you really just realize that it is best done on a case yourself and your own judgment. The important thing is that the clothing is comfortable.

2. Invest in the basics

When you’re a teenager, they spend many fashions. What I recommend is that you invirtáis more money on basic items, and not so much on clothing trend, because as I said, surely change soon.

3. Beware of extremes

In this age often you want to stand out and like other people, and sometimes we tend to make mistakes to teach too, put your clothes that do not favor us just because they are in a certain way and get many accessories and ornaments. We must find a balance in everything.

4. Do not buy things you do not need

In this age more than any other, we tend to be guided by what we like and we see attraction, and buy things that certainly are not necessary. Before buying precious heeled shoes only because they are beautiful, be sure that you will use and not waste money. That same goes for other clothing and / or accessories.

5. Do not obsess

The most important thing is not obsessed with clothes or body. Sometimes we can spend hours in front of the mirror trying on clothes, changing us a thousand voices, etc.. Beware hobbies, because you certainly do more harm than good. So you know, do not be obsessions!