Completing The Dress With Jewelry

dress-with-jewelryWhen you begin selecting the accessories for a prom dress or a dress for another special event, you want to consider the color of the dress as well as the size of the accessories. There are quinceanera dresses for sale as well as homecoming dresses, bridesmaids dresses and other types that have sequins on them that would sometimes clash with some types of jewelry. If the dress that you select doesn’t have many components on it, then you might want to consider getting more accessories that will shine in the light, setting off the color of the dress.

You’ll find that pins and brooches are delicate and are a simple accessory to wear while still giving you the bling that you desire. Some of these items are encrusted with gems while others have a simple design that gently brings out the others colors you’re wearing. These are ideal if you want a way to draw attention from the lower half of the body as pins and brooches are worn along the collar of the dress.

A wrap or a scarf might not be the typical accessory that you think about to add with a dress, but it softens the look and is ideal for events that are held in the fall or winter months as they can keep the shoulders and arms from getting cold. A scarf could also be worn as a belt for a fun and different kind of look. Try to find something that has a little fringe on it as this will give others something to talk about. If you have one accessory with your dress, it should be a necklace. The necklace should be consistent with the type of dress that you wear. A longer necklace is ideal for a dress that has a flowing body or even one that is form-fitting and longer. A choker is something you might want to consider if you have a shorter dress. Bracelets are also good to wear as these can give a delicate look to complete your ensemble. Make sure the bracelet is secure on the wrist so that it doesn’t fall off while you’re dancing.