5 Fashion Tips For The Hotter Months

Fashion is ever-evolving and trends change several times a year due to seasons and weather alone! You may know exactly what to wear when it’s cold outside and you can use several layers, but it might be more difficult for you to decide on an outfit once the temperatures start to rise. If you’ve already installed an air conditioner and just need help with what to wear, here are 5 fashion tips for the hotter months.

Light Materials 

You don’t necessarily have to wear short sleeves and shorts all the time just because it’s hot outside. You can wear things that still offer full coverage as long as they are made of lightweight and breezy materials. This will also help to protect you from the sun! Look for materials such as linen, silk, or thin cotton.

Keep A Jacket On Hand 

Just because it’s extremely hot during the day does not mean it won’t get chilly at night! Keep a lightweight jacket on hand in your car or purse if you plan on being out and about all day just in case the temperatures start to drop when the sun goes down. It can get especially cold at night at the beach or near the coast, so keep that in mind.

Avoid Dark Colors 

If it’s triple digits out, you should try to wear light colored clothing and avoid dark colors like black and navy blue as much as possible. This is because dark colors tend to attract the sun and will make you hotter if you’re wearing them. White and other lights will actually do a bit to deflect the sun, helping to keep you cool.

Loose Clothing 

Stay away from tight and form fitting clothing and opt for looser fits during the hotter months. This will reduce the amount that you sweat and help to keep you cool even when the sun is beating down on you. For example, a light, wide leg white linen pant is a great option because it is a light color, light material, and loose fitting.

Wear Hats 

It may seem counterintuitive because you wear hats such as beanies during the winter months to keep your head warm, but many types of hats are great at doing the opposite during the summer months. A wide-brimmed hat can help protect your face, neck, and chest from the sun and it will also create shade on you, helping to keep you from getting overheated. Plus, these hats can be quite fashionable so it’s really a win-win.

If it’s getting hotter outside and you’re unsure what to wear, refer to this list for help and hopefully you’ll be able to get a few ideas.