Chic look with a tweed jacket

tweed jacket

We do this more! The little tweed jacket is part of basic fashion essential for any wardrobe. In this area, we love this tweed jacket spotted in the new collection Promod.

Chic, she is also very stylish with its zipper on one side and a light color, perfect for spring. Wear it with jeans as well as over a short dress or a combination of fluid, as our idea of look of the day, pictured above.

Where to find the pieces of this look?

  • Combi-black pants draped short sleeves, crossover V neckline and tie belt (Limited edition Dorothy Perkins, 59 €).
  • Tweed jacket with ecru zip closure cross (Promod, € 69.95).
  • Sandals flange bicolor black patent leather heels and orange blocks (Zara, € 89.95).