Positive Wear: The Wrap-play-shirt


Refined: no matter what situation in life, no matter what mood positive can wear fashionistas around the clock looking great and celebrates femininity in all its facets. Just as the women themselves, shows the individual collection WRAP AND PLAY versatility, making it easy to be perfectly styled for any occasion.

The basic idea of the Munich-based eco-fashion labels Wear positive is it possible to develop favorite pieces that bring joy and adapt to the needs of every woman. For the founders Michaela Zimmermann and Ricarda Fischer, at the same time, the creative minds of the label, it is essential that the worn part that fits into the daily rhythm and playful clothes to its customers perfect for any situation.

The result of WRAP & PLAY is sound, if desired to transform thanks to its perfect cut in over 50 different looks. The all-rounder in the morning can be as casual jacket, worn as a casual afternoon to rock and transform themselves spontaneously in the evening in a gorgeous top. A versatile favorite piece that gives you the opportunity to reinvent itself several times daily.


I can positive statements such as happy, “” Peaceful ME “or” Lovely Me “on the inside of the wearer personally choose according to your mood: The WRAP AND PLAY wearing scarf but much more in it. By women for women, the strengthening messages lovingly printed by the idea of self-funders and support a comforting feeling of ICH. True to the motto Collection “INSIDE EGO’s favorite parts.”

Whether for everyday work, the next holiday trip, warm summer nights, or an evening event, with the WRAP AND PLAY scarf independent women are individually prepared for every occasion.