Donna Cattiva Shoe Seduction

Donna Cattiva Shoe Seduction

Some may wonder what the fetish of women’s shoes. Those pieces that manage to be a mixed blessing, a sign of seduction, a perfect complement to any outfit. Lecaros couple spoke with Camila, creative mind behind a name that is causing ripples in the world of footwear, Donna Cattiva. A brand that is known for its high heels that make her a powerful, elegant and, above all, never go unnoticed.

What is Donna Cattiva? How do you start and what were your biggest inspirations to start this project?

Cattiva Donna is an attitude, a power, a housing, a mask and a weapon of seduction. Born from a comic book character, a woman disappointed men. A brand of accessories and shoes, which will soon be expanding into clothing collections.

How was your love of women’s footwear?

From girl I have this fascination with shoes. I remember when my mom left the house there was nothing more fun to dive into your closet and put all the accessories but always found the most caught my attention were the heels. I locked myself in the closet and I started walking to find the highest to wear them.

She had red were my favorites and started to walk down a long passage that was in my house until my nana heard them and forced me to leave them in place and to order everything. I hated ordering! It was my nightmare.

Donna Cattiva Shoe Seduction

And over time my love of high heels has become even more loyal. I have to admit I do not live without them, but I’m measuring 1.78 as the highest. They have become a must both in my closet and in my car, even in the office. You will always find in the trunk of my car a couple under my desk and another.

Donna Cattiva means bad in Italian woman, who is a woman Donna Cattiva for you?

It is an enigmatic woman, confident, elegant, bold and seductive.

She is single and independent life unfolds between work and make the most of their free time to relax and have fun. Always look for new and interesting places to go, such as bars and nightclubs, galleries, cinemas. It also makes frequent trips that have known the night and seduction in different cities.

She is current on trends, constantly renews her closet and looks for a high dose of elegance, sensuality and plenty of attitude. This stereotype of woman chooses interesting designs, where the magic of the little details and good quality garments are the protagonists.

We know that the Fashion Business is a highly competitive world, how you see the luxury footwear market in Latin America compete with foreign brands?

Luxury brands offer a smoother finish, often handmade in our countries we have very skilled shoemakers who are true artists and they offer an excellent level of finish.

What lies Donna Cattiva for this winter? Any plans to expand into a line ready to wear

For this coming winter 2012 Donna Cattiva hard not only in high heels, how we have seen in the old collections, now with a line after party to enjoy the night with your heels and return to your home comfortable and stylish. So quiet you can handle and safe.

Keep your heels on the portfolio and arrasas with the mall.

Ready to Wear line is planned for summer 2013 and will see a preview of this soon.