Eye Makeup Remover Stick Ayer

Eye Makeup

Now a few months ago I discovered the eye makeup remover Ayer, a German cosmetics brand. Its originality? It comes in the form of a stick and is intended especially for sensitive eyes. Focus product!

How it Works Simply place a warm wet cotton on the product and apply to eyelids and eyelashes.

For whom? For what? For those with sensitive skin in general, carriers of contact lenses, to remove makeup (even waterproof) but the lipstick.

Its strengths: The product is ultra soft to apply and effectively without irritating (no need to scrub like crazy to remove makeup residue). It combines the look and appearance care cleanser due to its composition based on chamomile and triglycerides leaving the lids fed. And finally its size, very convenient to use both at home and in travel, without worrying that content flows into our toiletries as usual with liquid removers.