Petersen Alessandra Sed

Petersen Alessandra Sed

Thirst is a basic instinct. The need human or animal drinking. But our thirst is more than that, is the need to search with the same basic instincts what we want.

Alessandra Petersen, one of the most recognized Peruvian designers, choose this concept to its FW12 collection. Its three-dimensional vision and posture of a search for beauty in earthly perfection, make it possesses a unique style that is mysterious and dramatic at the same time, revealing itself in its latest proposal.

This thirst, takes you on a journey to the mountains, finding the origin of life, reconnecting with the Andean world, its colors, with the forest and its engineered, drawn by the vines.

It is the descent into a world marked by the flow of the rivers that lead in this journey to a reunion with the most primary. As a pilgrimage, movement, and the riverbed will draw different combinations of textures, slide sets and varied colors, organic shapes in silk, tulle and accompanied by more detailed woven baby alpaca, silk and cashmere.

Thus, Petersen creates a very personal language, full of soft colors and rich volume novel ways, very stimulating and soothing at the same time to look at and touch the viewer that flow naturally.

The contemporary image of a mountain, played by Cristina Colichon artist, was the setting for the staging. The music was created by Humberto Polar, which also played live by creating the desired atmosphere. This also was the inspiration for an unusual installation where projected photos and videos Tomas Kjaervik artist Patrick Tschudi.