It-Bags: handbags classic must-have

The It-Bags are the Holy Grail of every lover of fashion. Who can afford the often must wait patiently some of the most popular models and have claimed a waiting list of up to three years! But what makes them so special? We asked the expert fashion Julia Labriola, consuming the online boutique of designer handbags largest German: “In my opinion, the essential factor, of course, is the design.


Also the factor ‘namesake’, that is, many of these bags are baptized with the names of such prominent personalities as Jacqueline Kennedy and Lady Diana. Another factor is the ‘trends’, the trends that now point to a relatively short life cycle.

In this sense it is better to make a classic because it can take a lifetime without going out of fashion. Sufficient only see an It-Bag in the hands of a celebrity for your prestige will fire, because it is especially appealing to emotions. And, “if it takes”, it promises that bag … promises a lifestyle full of elegance and glamor.