Earrings intensive Yumie’s

Earrings intensive Yumie's

Here are a string of tasty desserts and pastries guaranteed without any calories! And because they are in the form of earrings. These jewels are original chewable without restraint in the young and talented designer brand Yumie’s that you had already discovered on Taaora few months ago.

In addition to the earrings, she also offers necklaces, rings, barrettes, pins and badges fantasy. Please find below a selection of earrings specially designed for intensive.

Earrings muffin vanilla / strawberry
(Yumie’s € 5 – Also available in cream muffins taste / violet and chocolate / strawberry).

Earrings pistachio biscuit choco-
(Yumie’s € 10 – Also available in lemon dessert and many fruit pies).

Earrings small butters
(Yumie’s € 5 – Also available in chocolate butter biscuits).

Earrings ice orange
(Yumie’s € 5 – Also available in vanilla ice cream, violet and blueberry).

Earrings rolled chocolate
(Yumie’s € 10 – Also available in strawberry