Design and Asia, a shop like no other

Design and Asia, a shop like no other

Pick of the day for Design and Asia, a boutique business ethics to be missed! At its initiative, Amandine and Sacha, a French couple who has reconciled his love of Asia, travel and a taste for fashion and design by creating a small shop traveling.

Both travel and various Asian countries throughout the year, where they chinent decorative items, beauty products, jewelry, bags and clothing handmade by craftsmen to compose ephemeral collections of live countries where they are located. Discover some of the beautiful jewelry offered on their website, from the end of the world and require nothing more than to travel to us.

Design and Asia, a shop like no other

Earrings peacock feathers

Earrings real peacock feathers fully in the trend of the moment
(Design and Asia, 9 €).

Diamond-shaped ring

Silver ring handmade beaded diamond-shaped, with adjustable base,sent with a pretty box (Design and Asia, € 12).

Agathe necklace

Agathe multicolored necklace with a pretty cover sent ethnicity (Design and Asia, 34 €).

Pearl necklace

Beautiful necklace color anise handmade, composed of multiple rows of beads (Design and Asia, € 16).

We like:

  • Products designed from renewable natural resources.
  • Items made by small producers who were ensures fair compensation.
  • The presence of a picture of each artisan product sheet which he is the author.