Faberge. Swan Lake – the new jewelry for the fashion watches

I will not talk about these magnificent eggs with whole songs inside the finest work, an old technique of enamel, gizmos from the historical past, which, for example, I have ceased to be a symbol of time, and became a message of eternity.

It’s so obvious and so pathetic that it may seem old-fashioned. Much more natural to come closer, to take this subject pristine natural form in your hands, and then decide what it was before: the egg or the swan, which hatch out of it on your palm? Or listen to Marcus O.

fashion watches

Mohr, President of the German company Victor Mayer, which is now owned by the sole right to produce jewelry under the name Faberge. “Blue and red – the colors of the aristocracy – he says, smiling huge bright blue eyes. – We’re doing in recent years, mainly blue enamel, because it is noble, versatile, goes to every outfit and sells well.

“He’s so young, fresh, stylish, positive and good-looking, his admiration for what he produces, so seriously and reverently, as would never call these works of art unfashionable.

I was immediately a huge necklace with pear-cut aquamarine. Between stone and diamond trim pinstripe blue enamel. The impression which makes this a very difficult from a technical point of view the work is, in my opinion, can be compared to a concise Chinese character, whose secret – to perfection.