«Piaget» .. Jewelry speak the language all the time


Everything is said Old in a new era, but when this ancient masterpieces, they defy the past and the present and the future and make the issue of time is meaningless. It is in this case, gaining the role of inspiring also become the certificate of any house as strong and creative. This is what you are trying a lot of fashion houses and jewelry to emphasize, through its focus on its legacy and its celebration of its past, which is still bright and shining.

This gesture to the last known peak after the economic crisis that swept the world in 2008, where he showed everyone working in the field of luxury products desire to return to his roots to strengthen the present and draw lines of its future.

Dar Al Piaget and one of the world these houses, which felt that the best way to highlight its glorious history to be left to speak for her creations, through an exhibition launched Piaget Time Gallery.

First exhibition was held in place actually in Geneva before moving to Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Each piece in the exhibition store exciting secrets in the art of drafting and different experiences. They reveal the importance of the house and its position as one of the most important role in the manufacture of watches and jewelery. Although it began as hours before the house is expanding along with jewelry, they demonstrated the ability to combine Monday and outdo themselves sometimes.

Look what picked at the exhibition make eye confused any time I was born this antiques? They are not classic but bold, however, do not belong to a certain date, and any one of them could adorn any man’s wrist, whatever his own style, or enrich Jewelry Box any woman fortunate in view of the beauty of design and clarity of the stones and the luxury of its minerals.

Second look also emphasizes that the right of ‘Piaget’ dating back to celebrate the one hand, and to prove that it house the cutting tools of jewelry on the other hand. Even the clocks turn into jewelry pieces such as two hours of model Limelight Twaas »« Limelight Dancing Light.

The mention of hours, the House «Piaget» one of the first companies that excelled in making clocks slim thickness does not exceed Almellimitrin sometimes thanks to their design movement of the model (9P) several decades ago.

When expanded to jewelry design also recorded in daring scoop design and use of various colors to bestow on her jewelry vitality and movement. It was Yves Piaget, an expert in precious stones, designed to highlight the range of skills that mastering house in the field of watches and jewelry alike, and successfully challenged.

It designs sixties kind to the drafting high in the nineties, that designs aimed at women style bold and fanciest of elegance, without being memorable house that the right man also enjoys hours characteristic heart and mind, and thus realized the importance of movement and functions of complex requested by fueling his passion for the latest technologies At the same time decorated with semi-precious stones ports such as onyx or turquoise, opals and other, the result comes a combination of boldness and classic.

Of course, thanks in drafting these artifacts to house skilled craftsmen, they are the ones who Calculate accurately where will prove jewels, and the number of gems in the form that put them work on it. They also caused the Altkotaiat, and liberated Altariqat and immobilized gems inside the metal detector glitter stones and highlight the natural perfection. This was normal to arrive Gallery «charm jewelry this message eloquently.