Pearl Rafik celebrities and intriguing elegance code

Reflecting pearls Brhafah absolute method charming and distinctive, a fellow celebrities from Marilyn Monroe to Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn, which still image in the classic film “breakfast coming Tefanez”, Pfstanha black site of Dar “Givenchy” and rows pearl incubator neck, stuck in the minds of Shivakumar Fashion Istouhon designs luxurious diligently combines classical methods and modern.

Pearl Rafik celebrities and intriguing elegance code

It also Rafik queens and ladies White House alike, adorned their necks and Amnhnhen brightest desirable and legendary elegance.

It accessory RFC Daumas, capable of harmony easily with different types of designs of crystal stones, beads and even strange shapes of flowers and decades of satin, silk and silver and gold chains.

  • White Pearl italics to syphilis the suit Alhqraawat especially slash their skin yellowing.
  • Pearl silver suits with white skin and pink.
  • Owners of skin warm Tanasbehn gradients pearls until golden brown and copper.
  • Pearl is in line with a simple black dress up to knee level.
  • Do not be afraid of a lot of contracts pearls can that Taatzeny several decades from multiple colors and sizes.
  • Vtalalh inlaid with little modern luxury recommend Baltazan with tight jeans and a jacket and high heels.

How Thtmin pearls?
Pearl is a natural stone organic, delicate and thin so it needs special care: – Contains a small percentage of water that must be kept away from heat so as not to crack and lose its luster.

  • Apply after the finalization of the perfumes and oils for the care, Synthetic chemicals contained in causing damage to the cortex psoriasis losing luster pearls.
  • The best way to clean pearls are over and put it in mineral water for a while and then dried by a kerchief soft and fluffy.
  • Usually Trcef pearls on a string of silk or nylon is therefore advisable to take it once a year, to the jeweler to re-qualify.
  • A decade of Paspaley.
  • A decade of Cartier.
  • Audrey Hepburn stylish women in the code “breakfast coming Tefanez”.
  • Sets of Sakura range of Liali.
  • Holding decorated with pearls of Boucheron.
  • Brooch Van Cleef and Arpels group Les Voyages Extraodinaires.
  • A decade of Mikimoto.