H & M announces join Anna Dello Russo and left Vogue Japan’s

H & M

Announced Dar fashion accessories Swedish H & M and widespread joined “Anna Dello Russo” Chancellor creative famous for Vogue Japan’s to house to creativity unique collection is a group fall 2012 collection signed H & M is scheduled to carry the group signed, to say the least for this group new it super impressive.

Autumn 2012 deals:
Witnessed the fall 2012 announcement of more deals by many international fashion houses, which called House H & M to announce the contract with Chancellor creative “Anna Dello Russo” to take advantage of its expertise in the new group H & M Fall 2012 Collection by ALDAR Swedish raised in markets.

H & M

What is included in the group?
The collection includes sets the value of the most beautiful and luxurious accessories diverse and attractive striking and in a big way, this addition to containing a large range of other eye-catching bags and stylish colors and different tastes, as well as this group contains some dazzling Handbags and elegant.

What about fashion?
The more challenge facing any creator is to challenge others when it comes to fashion beautiful and dazzling, has announced Aldar to challenge everyone with “Anna Dello Russo” in order to produce a new set of costumes dazzling included new group H & M Fall 2012 Collection even considered is also well be added to achievements House H & M and surprises announced by from time to time.