Jeans unique items from Paris

Jeans unique items from Paris

As a fashion fan has it not easy with the decision: Better the Jil Sander coat or from Chloe? The Lulu Guinness Clutch or Akkesoir? Only in terms of jeans clear what you need: A “Needle & Pen” by Tilmann Wrobel.

To create the perfect pair of jeans, the Paris-based designer swears by pure handwork: In every single trouser put at least 135 hours of work and 16,200 conventional handwritten pinpricks. The design is developed together with the client or the client and tailored to the particular character: “. According to the production process is about an exchange of ideas,” says Wrobel. “If we like what the customer likes, then we turn it around for the world to realize his wishes.”

Favorite jeans as unique

Already, the base material is so exquisite that it is hard to find. Only some rare made in Italy or Japan denims meet the high standards of the designer. Processed only in the raw denim – because only by the indigo pigments slowly fade at critical wear points, will the jeans for authentic reflection of their support and tell his story, Wrobel is convinced.

If it goes into detail, the choices are unlimited. Much of Paris haute couture is borrowed, about the use of the best silk dupioni for the pocket lining, horsehair as inlays or tear-resistant sewing thread made of polished cotton. The button versions range from pearl, horn, iron, graphite or copper to silver and gold, made by hand and engraved by jeweler “Origine studio”. Individually, the fine hand embroidery if desired initials or coats of arms are in Feinstarbeit embroidered on the pocket, while the name of the lucky owner is immortalized inside logo.

Perfect fit, sexy look

“A manifesto against machines” is the philosophy of “Needle and Pen” – and only a few experienced tailors master the time-consuming sewing by hand, thanks to the jeans can be modeled perfectly to the body shape.

Tilmann Wrobel even learned the high art of tailoring during his fashion design studies at the “Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne.” In the 1980s he worked for fashion houses such as Dior worked or Nina Ricci, and passed his passion for skateboarding finally Streetwear and Denim: For 20 years he worked for various street wear and denim brands as head designer and art director before he fell in 2007 founded his own design studio – and thus the label “Needle and Pen”.

Before the exclusive jeans unique finally lands in your own wardrobe, you have to wait, however: from the first meeting on the fitting of different patterns, the selection of materials to the final design, manufacture and delivery of the pants go by three to four months.