Sexy short cut

Sexy short cut

Short boyish cut is successful. If long hair is an asset undeniable seductive, a short hairstyle proves that she can be sexy and classy.

At the last Academy Awards 2013, which took place last Sunday in Los Angeles, several actresses have opted for a boyish hairstyle, like Anne Hathaway, Charlize Theron and Halle Berry of course, accustomed to this kind of cut.

3 ideas for short haircuts woman biting the stars

Boyish hairstyle of Anne Hathaway, very mischievous, feminized by a wide sweeping bangs his forehead.

Sexy, actress Charlize Theron with short hair platinum blonde, highlighting the perfect oval of her face.

The short cut of Halle Berry with wicks extending upwardly. To achieve a hairstyle preference for evening look.