Temporary tattoos Bernard Forever

Temporary tattoos Bernard Forever

Do you dream of getting a tattoo but are afraid to take the plunge?

Keep a lifelong tattoo can be frightening, you must be sure of the design or text that you will burn on his skin for life. The trick? Opt for temporary tattoos, as practical as fun. In this respect, the brand tattoos Bernard Forever offers cool designs, trendy, presented with humor.

Brand accepts many boards temporary tattoos for all styles, several themes like love, fashion, gothic, sea or photo.

One of my favorites: the board “Playboy seabed”, comprising 10 tattoos fashion as a mini boat anchor too choute, perfect on the wrist, a buoy marked “LOVE BOAT” , the message “SPLASH” or an octopus funny. As the brand says, Popeye had better watch out!

For geekettes: the board of temporary tattoos “From Pixels and Men” grouping among other Pac-Man, Space Invaders or the good old Nintendo Game Boy.

How to apply? It works exactly like the tattoos that are applied on our arms being small. Simply cut the desired pattern, removing the protective film to deposit on the skin clean and dry (wrist, arm, hand, ankle, neck …), wet the back of the tattoo for 30 seconds then remove the cover sheet. And voila!