Why Omega Watches Remain The Most Sought-After Luxury Watches?


In the range of luxury watches, there are only a few brands that really stand out. Omega is one such name that has stood the test of time. The word itself means perfection and achievement in the Greek alphabet after which it is named. Omega watches froma DMR Canary Wharf have always lived up to the name because of use of precision components made from high quality materials. The luxury watches from this company are available for both men and women in a range of models, styles, sizes, shapes and colors. The company offers a watch model for everyone who wants to buy the highest quality watch from a reputed brand name.

According to luxury watch and jewellery retailers, Omega watches are the most sought after timepieces among serious collectors. People looking for the best quality watches go to great lengths to obtain their favourite watches made by Omega. Over the years since its introduction, various innovative features have been incorporated in its luxury timepieces. The most advanced technologies are now used in the making of these watches. Whether someone is looking for a classic or contemporary design, there is a watch for every type of needs. While the company has incorporated the latest technologies and advances in the making of its timepieces, it still offers the same charm and high class that its traditional watches had 40-50 years ago.

Watches made by Omega are not only worn for knowing precise time but also as a style statement. The brand stands for affluence, precision, innovation and use of best watch making practices. It has remained in tune with latest fashion and industry trends. It carries an aura that other watchmakers have found difficult to replicate. The beautiful and classic collections excite both men and women who proudly want to show off their Omega watches.

The company has many first to its credit. It was the first watch that astronauts wore during the first moon landing. It has been taken to deep ocean depths up to the specified limit. Omega watches have been the time keeper for most popular world sports events. These watches have been put through extreme test conditions related to magnetic fields, gravity, temperatures, vibrations and shocks, and always came out with flying colours. The company has received some of the highest awards from different industry bodies including space and aeronautical organizations. Its wristwatches achieved great accuracy when the company started using coaxial-escapement function which was first of its kind in this industry.

Some of the popular Omega watches models include The Speedmaster, The Seamaster, De Ville, The Constellation, among many others. These watches are passed only after undergoing extensive lab tests and examinations. Watches made by Omega remain the most sought-after even though the costs are on the higher side. The expenses do not deter people who are looking for a luxury item that retains its value even after many decades of use. The brand has high recall value because of its association with popular world sports events, famous sports persons, and James Bond movies. Occasionally, the company releases special edition watches to commemorate some particular event. Buyers must always buy these watches from authorized retailers only. It is important to know how to identify fake Omega watches to avoid buying a watch that is not genuine.