How to choose a good umbrella?


The umbrella can be folded or type of cane. Commonly, the latter are stronger and bigger than foldable.

These days there are many adorable umbrella on the market designed specifically for children. The wide variety of colors and styles available means that there is one for each child. However, buying the right umbrella is not just about choosing the cutest. You have to make sure you choose is safe for your child, even when you’re not around.

There umbrella gales proof that when turned upside down, easily straightened. For an umbrella to work properly and is resistant, the pieces of your frame (rod, Sliding ribs, springs, bushings, extensions and hinges) must be tempered nickel or chrome steel.

Likewise, those with a strong wood rod can give you good service for a long time. You should wax it regularly with furniture polish.

When shopping for branded umbrella, make sure you open and close without binding and to stay in the respective position once spring locks into lower or higher.

Some umbrella manufacturers guarantee their product, which generally means that the device is well done.

Generally, the umbrella cover is silk or nylon treated with water repellent. The parts (segments) of fabric should be attached to one another with very close stitch, made with waxed thread. Each of these joints is stitched to the ribs of the frame, also with waxed floss. The edge of the fabric should have a small hem and simply be heat sealed. This will prevent fraying and give a better finish.

See open umbrella against the light, it must be observed or nips or loose threads. If possible get one with molded polystyrene handle or sturdy wood, it must be securely attached to the rod and should not move or slip. When the umbrella gets wet, leave it open to dry. When a windproof umbrella from tipping backwards support the handle against its stomach and slowly slide down the rod the ribs must recover quickly to normal position.

When an umbrella is not working properly, take it to an umbrella shop or, if you have warranty, take it to the manufacturer.