How to choose the perfect homecoming dress

It is time the party that both expect, you’ve seen all the mannequins have or might have, but you still do not know which dress to wear? Finding the suitable evening dress is not really as simple as that. So, we’ll give some tips for you to look seductive and elegant in that special night.

The color The dress color choice, you need to make based on skin tone that is owned. For example, if you have dark skin it is best that you lean for discrete colors such as black, navy or dark gray. Discard the brown, because this key will only blur your silhouette. However, if you possess clear skin, be sure to avoid white and yellow and choose bright colors like orange, purple and red, you will contribute a share of glamour and distinction. The black is the classic color for an evening dress and it is always a good choice. However, women have begun to increasingly opt for bright colors and metallic.

Cutting To choose the most suitable dress, you should also consider your morphology. So if you possess prominent breasts, it is best to opt for a model with square neckline, short sleeves or preferably recessed to shoulder height, to highlight your arms. If you’re tuning your busts you can choose a dress with spaghetti straps. But if you have small breasts, then you will want to use a suggestive peak shaped neckline or otherwise closed dress. If you want to hide your extra kilos, avoid satin or silk dresses, because this type of tissue highlight the curves, and chooses rather opaque fabric and plain colors. The best in these cases is that you decide on a model or empire cut straight and is not tight in the waist, so you do not check the stomach. The neckline is preferably round or peak. Meanwhile, if you’re straight waist, original straps you can use to draw attention to the bust. Also do you well the empire, but watch the dress you reach the ankle to show off more glamorous and slim. ‘s height is another factor that you should consider. So if you are of small stature is best not to use a model that is very long. The tall girls, by contrast, can choose any length. Regarding the cutout, be discreet, flirty or suggestive, it is important to maintain good taste for elegance prevails. You should not confuse an ordinary neckline, leaving no room for imagination, one flirty but elegant. This show is not over but rather thin and glamorous look. Anyway, the main thing is to feel comfortable. So, before selecting the homecoming dresses you try it, walk with it and check that you really cut favors. Just so you know if you’ve found the perfect dress for you.

The party venue where it’s done the party will also influence the choice of dress. Usually models are often used long, arriving at least to the ankles. However, the event type in question and the site where will be crucial to choose the right dress. For weddings, for example, you should never pick a white model as that is purely unique color of the bride. While for graduations, if you attend as a guest you must wear a casual dress, while graduates with a dress should be more elegant and, of course, long.

Accessories and complements Whether it is summer or winter, always ideally wear tights, even when the legs are not. Shoes should be high heels, preferably fine or needle, and have to go combined with bag. Reserve low shoes for another time and show off your legs and a beautiful figure with heels. Of course, you should choose a shoe model with which you feel comfortable and can walk without problems. shiny accessories are perfect to wear with the dress at night, because it will be your appearance. Regarding the handbag, it must be small but stylish. Silver, black and gold, the colors star. jewelry is advisable to carry few but quality. Pearls and diamonds never go out of style. Choose the necklace and bracelets by design you’re going to look. The long pendants and necklaces are great for use with square necklines, straight, strapless or boat. While the chokers or short necklaces pearl necklines are perfect for V. With regard to coats, whether it’s a party in the summer, you can use a scarf or neckerchief gauzy fabric. The shawls are closed warm and your outfit perfect with a mid-season event. But if the festival takes place in winter, you should opt for patinas or artificial leather, and jackets as well, since they are only suitable for use with pantsuits.

Makeup to highlight your facial features is important to use bright makeup powders for accompany your outfit. It is recommended that you use a foundation shade according to your own skin and choose the colors according to the dress you will wear. Trends plain dresses, particularly in black and white, as well as trend-setting prints in 2013. In designs presented this year can be seen a simple combination but no less elegant: white and black. Thus, the models, classic cuts and made ​​of satin fabrics, have small details in black dresses white and black accents minimal white designs.

Council tries to choose and buy your dress at least four weeks prior to the party, for surely require some modification to achieve a proper fit.

Choose your dress! Choosing a prom dress is not simple we suggest DressFirst, because for this you must go to several stores and it may be that you like the dress is not available in the detail or color that you want, you find it very expensive or possesses any detail not convince you. For this reason, it is important that you arm yourself with patience, you make time search and give you an idea of what should be the dress you want.