Chiffon is imposed as the most romantic trend of 2014


No spring season that does not come with feel ethereal. Whether palette pastels, floral prints or vaporous silhouettes, there is something in the first months of the year that makes us take our most romantic and cool side. ‘s fair and he would describe one of the trends more hot season the garments chiffon. This fabric, seen as dresses and skirts on the runway came to rule our look, from day to night. There are no limits to use in your outfit, but if you have no idea where to start, check out these five suggestions to make your favorite trend.

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We had already told you of the magic of the skirts, but when combined with this gauzy fabric, the result is completely chic. Imagine the most romantic, very Audrey Hepburn, and wear it with a cardigan for the day. If its night, a belted top of bare shoulders or crop top with gold belt will make you shine.


No. 2 THE DRESS vaporous

Both chiffon as they can come to your help if it is the most sophisticated look on a night out . BCBG transformed this material into a dress layers and transparencies Neck, while Elie Saab became our favorite inspiration whether it is a wedding or graduation. Let the volume of the skirt do his thing and worry only by the shape of the top. Short sleeves, 2/4 and long will be ideal to wear a slim torso, while the straps halter or strapless version will make your neck and back the main attractions.



Give twist fun to your office uniform and takes this garment as the new wardrobe must. Able to go from formal to fun , the join between the tables and transparencies give enough elegance to your look. Brands make it basic garment for a top with artistic inspiration pastel or leave for weekends and Christian Dior.



The influence of lingerie in the ready to wear is increasingly evident and whether it is trend to impose a night out or a date, this is the outfit that you must carry. As in Vera Wang combines the slip dress with a chiffon layer, and leave the rest to the imagination. We promise you will be the center of attention…



Since long ago, this piece has made ​​its way but still remains the major faux pas to be misused. Make no mistake! Take her to the office with nothing but your bra below is a great do. Wear it with a plain blouse, round neck, sleeveless or semi tops to tide. Play with layers and contrasting colors , but remember, nothing more to teach!