Making looking good easy with some of these health tips


Crikey, looking good is difficult, isn’t it? You’ve got all that preening, coiffing, pampering, smoothing, tweezing and all the other –ings, and sometimes you barely even manage a dent in your appearance.

Ach, it’s just too difficult. What can you do to make all that preening worth the effort?

Well, a large part of the issue is that people just don’t pack in enough healthy practices on a daily basis, instead lazing on a diet of junk food and telly. So, put aside those makeup brushes and foundation powders to focus on having a healthier, natural appearance.

Evictnasty chemicals from your wash routine

You might not be aware of it, but all those chemicals and lathering agents in your body wash and shampoo can be harmful to your appearance in the long run. Eventually, they’ll give you dry hair and flaky skin.

The alternatives, a natural shampoo and body wash, arefar healthier. Although it doesn’t visibly lather as much as something filled to the brim with lye, it can revive your hair and skin. So, give your wash routine a makeover of its own with natural, healthy products.

Junk that junk food

Do you live on a diet of beer, takeaway pizzas, burgers and chocolate? Yeah, there’s the root of that greasy skin and exhaustion, then.

What you need is a healthier diet. The government recently issued a press release recommending at least seven portions of fruit and veg a day, and while some people struggle to pack that all in, you’ll find that your diet will vastly improve if you do.

Keep yourself fighting fit

It can be pretty difficult to bother to go to the gym or have a jog when all you want to do is loll about on the settee for a while. But, fitting in even a light amount of exercise can give you a healthier hue, making you less tired and more energetic.

Push yourself to head to the gym every once in a while or even just go for a brisk walk for about 20 minutes, and you’ll fight the flab and look a lot healthier.

Make a go for H2o

Water is ace for improving your general look in a natural way. Essentially, all that dry skin tends to stem from dehydration, making you look worn out like an arid desert.

Go for the government standard, which works out to about eight cups of water a day, and you’ll have a great look without having to pull out your makeup bag.