Current Dresses Fashion for 2014


Women like it again playful romantically in 2014 when it comes to choosing the right dress.

What was fashionable in the 50s and 60s, is making a comeback this summer and will be presented to all world’s catwalks. Designers create traditional collections with modern elements and elaborate decorations that fit right into this year. Both very slender women, and girls with a little pronounced curves come in 2014 their money when it comes to fashion clothes.

The choice of numerous accessories and fashionable extras that this year for the elegant evening wear or summer dress women is enormous and there is certainly for every fashion conscious lady the perfect outfit. The mini skirt is this year’s way back into the wardrobes.

This is the motto: the shorter the better. In combination with a colorful printed leggings or tights and stylish black shoes they are in 2014 not only a popular outfit for the disco, but are often worn in everyday life.

Skirts in fleece or corduroy are incredibly popular and are preferred in colder temperatures.


In addition to the wide selection of mini skirts, designer put in this year also increased to length. Colorful, ankle-length dresses with draping and embellishments to decorate the windows of many boutiques and fashion houses.

The outfits embody the feminine silhouette to a large extent, act very girly, yes even princesses alike. Even with the colors will not be saved. Whether a bright green, playful pink or an outfit in classic black and in this regard there are no limits. Sporty, women love to spice up their elegant dresses with pretty extras. So a cool leather jacket or a sporty blazer is very popular in combination and provides the necessary whistle.

The so-called cut-outs have not slipped on the clothes fashion this year is over. Designer cut holes in the clothes, stick them with patches and decorate them with eye-catching stitching. This “Destroyed” look is appealing to many women who love to underline their individuality and want to stand out from the crowd.

The year 2014 promises to be more bare skin. Topless dresses in bright colors are extremely trendy and are often worn with a light chiffon scarf. A trend that has already become apparent in recent months, is wearing chunky boots to elegant dresses and skirts. What was thought to be sin fashion a few years ago, so today is all the rage and will increasingly be seen in the coming months.

For most designers, it is important that there is some variability exists in terms of fashion clothes. They play with colors, shapes and styles and create an amazing number of extras so that woman can even create and combine to suit your mood.