List of makeup products


The list of essential products maquilaje there …

I always carry a small toiletry bag with me and it’s weird that I do not carry a duplicate of these products in it, I like so much that I usually have one for the vanity in the bathroom and one for the vanity bag, look I test products every month But … I always go back to my list of these essential makeup products …

Concealer Eye-By Terry Touche Veloutee

If you’re reading my me and have heard more than once about this concealer, I recommend it to everyone, all my friends use it and love it and when I run I call running to my perfumery Urbieta to send me one because it is my commodity, simply can not be without it. I like it for many reasons, first because besides correcting is treating, because it covers imperfections, blemishes, pimples, because it is light, because I can easily use it with the brush that leads to incoroporado because last long, because the tone is perfect for my skin (I use the number 2 cream), finally, love. If you are looking for a concealer, it invests in and see the difference.


Eye Pencil: Dual Ended Eye Liner Bobbi Brown Chocolate
A pity that this pen is limited edition, I discovered some time ago and I love it, is a pen that has two blades perfect chocolate brown and one in bronze, I just use the brown tips and I love, is a creamy pencil, easy use, brown and does not move throughout the day. What more can I ask a pencil? It was not limited edition …

Matte powder Blush Pink Cult of Mac
Look I like rouges in cream, but this powder has me totally hooked, so much that I always use as a basis for cheekbone before using another rouge, ie apply this to the bone and then a touch of cream blush on a pink slightly lighter or severe depending on the occasion. When I am irritated, reddened or with many highlights, just apply it.
Give a touch of freshness to the face and let that be entirely matte porcelain tone as both favors.


Mascara: Hypnose Precious cells of Lamcome
Throughout my career I will have tested hundreds of masks and some I like but I love this one of Lamcome. Occasionally, I try another change, but I always have a new tube in my vanity, because I know that this mask never disappoints me, like concealer, this product is also in the vanity of my readers and friends.

Water to set the makeup: Caudalie Beauty Eixr
I use this water beauty to set the makeup, to cool the skin in summer, in winter to brighten … I discovered a teacher of Epro a couple of years and always come back to this product. It is a fad that note, I love the smell, I like having an ideal to carry in your bag cosmetic bag size, I like how natural it is and I like that it shows on my face.