Tips for perfect makeup


A tip for perfect makeup is to apply yourself a facial mask for your skin is completely clean, fresh and crisp.

A very important when it comes to makeup recommendation is do it in a pretty bright place to detect and imperfections that need to be covered and be sure that the makeup was applied correctly.

To make lips look a little fuller profiled remember always use a lip and blend from outside to inside.

Tips for perfect makeup

A tip for special occasions is to use translucent powder with a little shine on the back and chest.

To achieve a glowing natural makeup, Vapor thermal water on your face after moisturizer apply yourself, if you want to set a more worked up, you must perform to complete vaporization.


A foolproof tips to prevent your makeup from cracking and make your face shine soon is to use an ice cube in a tissue and rub your whole face very gently with him, the handkerchief away excess makeup and ice fix the remaining.

If you want to give the impression that they are great and you should apply your eyes expressive white shadow after shadow that you find yourself blurring applied to the center portion of the lower eyelid.

If you want to highlight and illuminate your cheekbones we recommend using concealer, applying it after the basis on of the cheekbones and blend with fingertips down. If what you want is to give volume to your lips you should use two colors; darker one to apply first to the lips and a lighter to apply it in the middle of them, this will give a feeling of more depth and volume.