Hair accessories that sublimate a bun


More than hair and the shape of the bun itself, it is mostly accessories that adorn the hair that highlight the beauty of the bun. Supercharge your buns with the right accessories, depending on the desired style.

Basic accessories

You choose your accessories bun depending on your outfit and occasion. For the bun, there is what is called the basic accessories, essential to achieve this hairstyle. First there was the strands and wreaths to keep the bun at the base. Then there are the indispensable flat pliers to tame frizz, the U-clips, woodpeckers, scrunchies and combs to hold it all together. These can be decorated with various ornaments, feathers, flowers, beads, butterflies, leaves, stars, etc..


Sublimate the bun

Whatever the shape of the bun, you can play with your imagination accessories to complete your hairstyle. Pliers, picks and combs with pearls, small feathers, flowers, or ostrich feather are ideal for a vintage look. Other elements may also be used as a thin stream to a retro style, the collar bun or headbands side decor, held by an elastic or complete. Headband or headband, trendy today, comes in several styles and shapes and can be worn for all occasions.


Many other possibilities

Customize the “decoration” of your bun to your look. The head jewelry come in a hundred models. To shine in the evenings, go for the gold or silver hooks to hair, but also for small flowers, stars or leaves rhinestones. For a capped-disheveled, like a fuzzy or curly bun chignon style, you can use ribbons (colored, gold or silver) that you embed chignon itself or locks that let you hang around your hairstyle. For a tight bun, like the ballerina bun, you can also opt for straws whose colors will go with your makeup.