Fashion fashion 2014

Fashion fashion 2014

For the 2014 season the fashion Fashion is not reinvented, but accentuates creative and multifaceted, gentle and wild.

On the Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan, Paris and Berlin are reluctant trend was already in. In particular, the mens wear presented in an unaccustomed good. Fashion in 2014 lives of opposites. This makes them rich in possibilities and varied versions. The fashion-conscious lady walks in very feminine, romantic, elegant dresses. Trendy clothes are fine, delicate fabrics, transparent layered look, sometimes elaborately constructed.

Fashion fashion 2014

We see again many ruffles, some unusually abundant. Striking is the truly portable on the road outfits with refined, not too superficial details.

Cut-outs are interesting, asymmetrical shoulder solutions clear plastic inserts and Bandages to elegant highlights. The sporty variant or almost a contrasting program: dresses in ethnic look. First and foremost, many safari clothes for City Nomads fall on, some with applications in wood and bast.

The Western look is tinged romantic. There appear coarse fabrics and leather against delicate girlish clothes.

Cowboy hats and boots are always popular here. For a young, bold outfits are the new micro-minis. They are worn with patterned tights. Also, the denim shirt to match the sleek black pants is back. The men wear, very dandy like denim blazer and cloth cap. The denim scraps look is in vogue. And extends to jackets, blouses and sweaters.

Fashion fashion 2014

The new pants are tight, skintight, often iridescent metallic finish. High Heels, pink Stillettos and short, fitted blazer provide the hottest feminine touch. Straight-cut, casual pants made of silk or linen are the more convenient way. Were also shown Breeches, (inspired by equestrian sports) for men and women alike.

Surprisingly, the many varieties of Bermuda as a substitute for pantsuits (totally out) on warm days for your daily work. Super Tight Hot Pants, sometimes richly covered with beads or rivets, leather shorts for leisure, combined with simple blouses. Jackets come along uniform-style or with graphic black and white patterns. A rebirth experience the trench coat in a number of variants, including with gathered sleeves and the lords of the row, beige coat. These tight pants are worn and the feet are – without socks – in loafers.

And the men are slim silhouettes, particularly consistent with the suits in. Cardigans, shirts, jackets, all be closed until the top button. For jackets and blazers double collar positions in 2014 are announced. The importance of the expression that will be held in the women amplifies feminine style, determined in the men, the newly launched, acting young nerdy look. In almost all the shows were the characteristic sections of nerdy looks, often abbreviated Nerdlook, as well as all related details represented.

Fashion fashion 2014

The fashionable man can experiment with the Nerd elements create a very personal style. The high-necked shirts he has for example a variety of decorative fly to choose from. The 2014 trendy nerd glasses with pure glass or plastic discs (they are dependent primarily look and show) are a must. Madonna, Scarlett Johansson, Kanye West, and for a long time Johnny Depp, do not start without more. Was opened by the series of “intelligent loner” (Nerd) Ray Ban with again became fashionable “Wayfarer” sunglasses. As a nerd icon applies Woody Allen.

The retro charm of Nerdlook adheres to a new coolness. Full extremely casual, who crowns him with shorts. A rugged looking man image remains for us thanks to Dolce & Gabbana, the rough boots, thick sweaters and flat caps were obtained.

Footwear and accessories play a more important role than in previous years. Clogs, nor inclined than in the 70s. Overknees – like the clogs – platform soles. Striking is the wide belt that is worn around dresses, skirts and blazers and enhance the feminine impression. Scarves and necklaces do the rest.