Men’s Fashion Spring 2014: Grey Suit

Men's Fashion Spring 2014 Grey Suit 1

If you want to buy a suit that fits for all occasions, then choose this season in a gray color. Anthracite, silver gray, gray-blue and light gray solve the browns in recent years from now definitely. The classic gray is back.

Many will be pleased. To gray can finally be as good as combine everything. Because fits each shirt and tie each.

Men's Fashion Spring 2014 Grey Suit

Only one thing you should refrain: combine your charcoal gray suit with only shades of gray. Absolute no-go are also gray shoes on gray suit. Here one should prefer the classic black or gray. Fashion-conscious, however, wear a gray suit brown brogues, the classic with the hole ornaments.
Mann im Anzug

The cut of the season for 2014: the slim double breasted, like with fine pinstripes. Colors of summer are bright shades of color in gray, Greige and beige.