Baby Headband or the New Fashion Trend


Baby headband has become one of the most famous trends in the past few years. On the contemporary baby headband market you can get a variety of them made of ribbons or lace and decorated with live flowers. These accessories do not only make the baby girls look much prettier but also add some unique style to your princess.

Baby Headband Types

There are a lot of various types of a baby headband, but if you are a beginning mother you need to know at least the basic ones which are available in the market in order to decide which baby headband is best for your kid!

1. Nylon Baby Headband

Baby headband made of nylon is the most popular type of headbands among young mothers because exactly nylon baby headband can perfectly fit a baby’s head. Even if a child starts to grow already, exactly nylon baby headband is very stretchable so can fit the baby’s head even after several months or even a few years. Nylon baby headband design also allows you to attach any cute accessories like ribbons, dainty flowers or butterflies. But with nylon you need to be careful because in the future it may snag. This is why nylon baby headband is only perfect for ladies less than a year old.

2. Lace Baby Headband

This is probably one of the trendiest materials used for baby headband creation in 2015. Many moms also admit that it is the most stylish fabric for little princesses. It has perfect snug features for infants or toddlers, and there I no matter of your princess is still bold or already has full-grown hair. Still there is a problem occurring with a lace baby headband: lace may (and usually does) leave a mark on the baby’s head. It means that the time of lace baby headband use is smaller if compared to other baby headband types. As a rule, mothers make their babies wear a lace baby headband for some special occasions like birthdays or baptisms where a baby must look extremely stylish.

3. Ribbon Weave Baby Headband

If lace and nylon baby headband is pretty stretchy then ribbon unfortunately is not so. This feature makes it more difficult to fit a baby’s head. However, it is thought to be the most comfortable baby headband to wear for children because this baby headband type does not any marks on the baby’s head. Moreover, there is a great palette of colors available.

Now that you know three main types of a baby headband, and now it is the time for the last little reminder to choose the best suiting and fitting baby headband for your lovely baby girl.


Baby headband is a very cute way to turn your little lady into fashionista. Nevertheless, you should never interchange baby’s comfort into style. Your girl’s comfort must always be in the first place no matter how cute or stylish some baby headband is. Always make sure your child does not only look good, but that she is also in a good mood while wearing a baby headband.