Creating Unique Bracelets for Yourself


Whether you are looking to redo an existing bracelet, or you are planning to create a completely new one, here are certain tips that you can use. You can easily convert an existing bracelet into a Pandora style bracelet or create a completely new one. You may have received a charm bracelet as a gift on your birthday, perhaps you want to gift it to your loved on one the Valentine’s Day, or you just want to make your existing bracelet look much more beautiful than it is. By following these simple steps, you will definitely be able to make a bracelet you will really be proud to flaunt.

Before Starting Measure the Wrist

The charm bracelets can be bought in a number of styles, materials, and sizes. It is important to buy a bracelet which fits properly on your wrists otherwise it will slide over your hands and you may lose it. So why do you need to buy a new bracelet? This is because it is easier to build upon an already designed bracelet than to create everything from the scratch. Whether you are creating bracelets for men or bracelets for women, it is better to buy a new one first.

Wrist measurement is important; so be careful about it. Use the measuring tape to take the measurement. The size of the bracelet should be at least 2 cm more than the size of the wrist. If the bracelet is too small you will not be able to slip it over your fingers and hand. Do not be tempted to design a very heavy bracelet. The chunkier the bracelet the more uncomfortable it will be to the wearer. Also, the heavier bracelets become loose too easily and thus you cannot wear them for too long.

Decide the Style

You will want to have a very clear idea about the kind of bracelet you want to create. There are a number of styles available in the market. However, if you are making your own bracelet or improving upon the existing one, you will want it to be uniquely designed. To get some idea about the different styles available, you can check the internet. You can go to the ecommerce websites selling the bracelets and you will get the fair idea about different styles.

Choosing the Material

The charm bracelets can be found in innumerable materials. However, the most popular ones are those made of sterling silver. But it is not really a good idea to buy a sliver plated bracelet. These bracelets are less durable and their beauty also wears off in time. Instead, you can go for the better materials such as leather, oxidized silver, gold plated and even stainless steel.