The party guide to buy strappy heels for girls

Strappy heels are those kinds of shoes or footwear for females which have several strappy parts that cover the foot entirely.  These types of footwear are usually worn with dresses and skirts but can also look good with jeans and other casual dresses. Since strappy heels are generally worn with formal or party attire, you must be careful while purchasing them and should keep certain tips in mind. The following is a guide to buy strappy heels:


  • Should be comfortable

Strappy heels may look amazing at a party but with dancing and prolonged period of standing, they can begin to seem uncomfortable and this is why it is very important to go for the most comfortable one. Make sure that the heel is not more than you can handle and it has a soft base. Also, the straps must not be too tight as while dancing at a party; it may hurt your feet. .

  • Select from  multiple styles

There are many kinds of strappy heels available in the market and you go for the one after checking out multiple options. For example, there are ankle straps, wedge straps, peep toes and stilettos etc.  You must try out each of the style and then decide which one works the best for you. Platform heels and wedges are the best options for those who cannot carry pointed heels.

  • Pick the correct size

Whether you are buying heels from a store or from an online store, it is important to know your size and then buy the correct one. Always refer to the size chart online and measure your foot size accurately to buy the one that will fit you properly. Also, it is better to ensure that the online store has a return or refund policy so that you can exchange if you go wrong with the size.

  • Make the selection of material smartly

The next thing to consider when buying strappy heels is to select the material carefully. There are many types of materials such as suede, leather, canvas and others and your choice must depend upon the season in which you want to wear the heels. For example, leather works in any season but suede is more suited for winters and canvas for summer nights.

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