Tie the Knot in Wartime Style

If you want a classic, romantic theme for a wedding that doesn’t have to cost the earth to re-create, how about looking back towards the 1940s and World War Two?

Wartime Style
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An Era of Love – and War

A war may not sound like the ideal inspiration for a wedding, but there is no doubt that the 1940’s was a time of great love stories as well as great sorrow. Add to this the celebrations of victory and the ability to make simplicity into an art form, and you can begin to see why people choose World War II as a wedding day theme.

You could go all-out and aim for a total re-creation of the times in a similar fashion to Andy Kennet and Julie Parker, whose big day theme made the pages of the Daily Mail. Alternatively, you could just pick some key elements of the 1940s and mix them with more modern or other vintage wedding ideas.

Things to Think About

The dress. Fabric was rationed and so look towards simple designs created with silk, satin or rayon. Keep true to the time by avoiding much lace and consider long sleeves and a straight skirt, which would once have helped a bride save on material. Many people search for inspiration on wedding websites and blogs such as Style and the Bride.

For the groom, a forces’ uniform is an easy choice. You could also ask guests to dress up to add to the authentic feel of the day.

The flowers. Again simplicity is key. Consider a dainty, ribbon-tied bouquet made up of calla lilies, chrysanthemums or carnations, all of which were easy to get hold of during WWII.

The cake. In the 1940s, the cake would normally have been homemade and would have been restricted by rationing. You might not want to go down the butter-less route but you could opt to keep decorations to a minimum, sticking to swirls of icing and bows or ribbons.

The reception. You won’t be short of choice for your wedding reception music. Think about the likes of The Andrews Sisters, Glen Miller, Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong. Big bands will always be popular at this kind of vintage-themed wedding.

The decoration. Adorn the walls with 1940’s posters and flags or deck out the venue in red, white and blue. Simple!