Leading From the Top: The Royal Style Icons

The royals have always had some fashionable dressers in their midst, and a new exhibition at Kensington Palace will be exploring the best-dressed royals, including Princess Margaret, Princess Diana and the Queen. The exhibition will include many dresses, accessories, jackets and scarves from the royals and explore how their fashion sense has led women across the country in their style choices.

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Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret proves to be a fashion leader in her collection of beautiful dresses from the 1950s, along with her many scarves, bolero jackets and accessories such as designer sunglasses. Indeed, her penchant for wearing sunglasses on many occasions led to her developing a certain edge that saw photographers flock to her at social gatherings.

Margaret was a big fan of French designer Christian Dior in the 50s, while Princess Diana enjoyed wearing creations by Catherine Walker in the 80s and 90s. Diana’s style was dramatic at public events and became more sophisticated as she got older. The Queen wore many Hardy Amies creations in the 70s, including ones with distinctive sequins on her necklines.

Royal Influence on Modern Fashions

The Kensington Palace exhibition will no doubt inspire women with designs from the past. Many modern fashion houses are using retro style and vintage designs in their collections, giving a sophisticated edge to contemporary clothing. Of course, the modern looks such as womens skinny designer jeans are a fashion staple in the modern age. Contemporary designs can have the ability to combine the classic lines of the past with a modern edge to create clothing that crosses the generations, such as the designs available at www.cuba-clothing.com/.

There has always been much interest in royal fashion. An article by the curator of the Historic Royal Palaces explains how the charity guards the 10,000 articles of clothing worn by former kings and queens in the Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection and shows them at museums around London.

Fashion Rules Revisited

The Kensington Palace exhibition, Fashion Rules Restyled, gives a fascinating insight into the tastes and design preferences of the royals. This exhibition is particularly timely as the nation becomes more interested in the fashion choices of the Duchess of Cambridge. It is certainly interesting to see how the most fashionable and photographed royals have worn their clothing throughout history and how they have influenced regular women’s choices.