Fashion tips for a night out party


Getting your glad rags on for a night out is something that many women love to do, and dressing for a night in the casino is no different. While Hollywood has promoted a stereotype that formal attire is required when gambling at night, the reality is that many casinos do not even have a specified dress code. Therefore, it’s important for women to know what to expect in regards to what to wear – whether the casino has a dress code or not.

If the evening will be spent in what is considered to be an upper class casino, the appropriate dress would be quite similar to what a woman would wear to the office. Skirts or slacks are acceptable, although skirts should be no shorter than knee length, and dresses can also be worn, whether it’s office dress or perhaps a cocktail dress with a knee length hem. Really, there’s a wide range of options to choose from. However, decency should be the most important consideration, because dressing in an appropriate manner will help garner better service from casino staff.

Casinos may also permit a more casual style – like you would find yourself wearing if you were playing at a site like at home. Jeans can often be worn especially, during the day, although if you’re wearing jeans in the evening, they should be paired with a dressier top. This could include a blouse, blazer or perhaps both and having a removable layer is ideal to ensure one’s comfort should the temperature vary. Jeans should be in good condition free from rips and tears even if that is the style. Certain clothing items are taboo for casino wear, regardless of the casual dress – this would include sloppy t-shirts, hoodies and flip-flops.

Finally, the best way in which to know what form of dress is acceptable is to check with the specific casino you are planning to visit. This information can usually be found at their website or can be determined by calling the venue.