Organic is the proposal that created the Peruvian designers Mencia and sisters Lucia. Each has been building his own pace in the world of design, for example Mencia worked for six years creating unique and surprising from recyclable materials, has its own collection of jewelry called Liquid in which uses plastic bottles as only input and whose main goal represent the cycle of things, matter.

Lucia was connected instead to design two years ago and has had great results with his collection of hand-crafted accessories called Nature.


Organic emerges from the creative force of the two sisters who after several years of experimentation decided to give nature worship, working as main message respect and care for our environment. The union of waste materials ranging from plastic bottles and scraps of fabric and materials from nature such as seeds, stones and feathers result beautiful and different accessories.

It is noteworthy that neither agrees with using wild bird feathers and all the feathers used in his collection were bought in poultry farms.

His idea of using what you have is perfectly implemented in their creations.