Finally summer! Want to color. Even in the make-up. Dare with bright colors, both for the mouth for the eyes, is the advice of Fabrizio Paci, coach and trainer for Makeup For Ever Italy.

Finally summer! Want to color. Even in the make-up. Dare with bright colors, both for the mouth for the eyes, is the advice of Fabrizio Paci, coach and trainer for Makeup For Ever Italy. And do not forget to take care of the skin with the latest must-have products, more and more advanced and sophisticated…

But let the word Fabrizio Paci, coach and trainer for Makeup For Ever Italy that explains in this interview with makeup trends for summer 2014 and beyond.

Summer 2014. During the past months we tried to identify what were the trends in makeup, now that we’re finally in the summer can you tell us what are the trends that have really taken root, and we can consider MAKEUP TRENDS Summer 2014?


Surely the choice of vibrant colors. In the summer, you always want more color, and also the colors are trendy this summer. Make Up For Ever has launched in the summer of 2014 very colorful waterproof pencils (Aqua Matic) and look like a lot. Especially colors like lime green, sea green and electric blue are going strong. You can tell that the color is dominating.

It is also spoken highly of skins perfect, flawless. Although this is a trend that has taken hold or remained at the level of anticipation?

For me to now has remained at the level of anticipation in the sense that women at this time are preparing to have perfect skin with various products such as scrubs and creams, but in terms of make-up trend this takes a little ‘less because many girls and women go to the sea, sunbathing. Therefore prefer to treat the skin, rather than make her up.


The hot days require a different approach to makeup than other times of the year. What are the products and advice to pass on to our readers?

In the summer it is best to use the products long-lasting or even water resistant because otherwise the trick will not stand the heat. Not only do these products provide good results, but nowadays they are also practical, quick and easy to use on the skin. They can also be applied before going to sea, to add a touch of color to the look.

Which products are must-haves for summer 2014?

I really like HD (High Definition) Make Up For Ever Elixir contains an active super moisturizing carrying water to the skin, making it more compact and swollen. It also helps to remove the signs of fatigue, fatigue. It is an ideal product for the summer. Already in itself is refreshing, but if kept in the refrigerator a small drop gives the skin a booster effect immediately.

Another product that I recommend is the spray fixative for make-up that is called Mist & Fix O2, more Make Up For Ever This product we have reformulated and enhanced with active oxygen. Not only helps keeping the make-up but with active oxygen can also be safely used as refreshing for the summer.

Before moving on to the trends for autumn 2014 there anything you want to add?

I would say that summer is the live color, play with bright colors. Not only during the day, but especially in the evening. Try using the color on the eyes and lips. Do not be afraid of color, to dare. For the mouth are strong colors such as coral, the orange, but also red strawberry. They are especially great in the summer because with the tan skin takes another color and then change the canvas on which we work.

Last question. What can you anticipate with regard to makeup trends fall 2014?

For fall 2014 see especially the ‘eyeliner. All the cosmetic companies are coming out with the eyeliner. By Make Up For Ever at Benefit Cosmetics, Urban Decay, Sephora. All the houses are starting the season with the eyeliner. The eyeliner is becoming the trend for years but this year in particular, the cosmetic companies have focused sull’eyeliner, formulating various types of eyeliner, just to please all types of women, taking into account the skin type but also the ability of the user. Some eyeliner is easier to use, while others are designed for those who are more able.