Martin Churba in Bariloche

Martin Churba in Bariloche

Invited by HSBC and For You, the designer made an entertaining fashion clinic at the Hotel Llao Llao in Bariloche. There unveiled its new collection and also chatted with clients to prove their garments enjoyed a delicious tea.

This time the fashion tips moved south to Argentina, more precisely Bariloche – mountains and lakes and designer Martin Churba (43) provided a briefing cycle being done with For You and HSBC. “This is a clinical fashion, we say so because it is an open exchange space,” said Churba from the fantastic Hotel Llao Llao, chosen for the occasion. TE TRENDY. Surrounded by a stunning landscape, the guests of HSBC were coming from half past five in the afternoon. Does the proposal?

Martin Churba in Bariloche1

First enjoy a delicious tea in the hotel dining room and after an intimate chat with Martin Churba, who shared with all attendees of their brand new, Tramando : “This clinic is a place where you can interact, learn and try out. It is a place where we come to train in fashion. You are going to incorporate the tools that I have to convey and I’m going to train on how it is to dress women: what you want, what they like and what they have left and done well, “said Churba from the stage, flanked two racks of clothes from her latest collection.

Immediately the designer started to explain some general concepts of the world of fashion and accompanied his words with two video-the first of its winter collection, Ink, and one of his new collection, Atlantic -.

Following this introduction, invited on stage to be encouraged to try one of her pieces: “The best way to display clothing is on, and today I tell them how my collection. Let’s see the Tramando real, which is why I do fashion, because what I like to do is see her put clothes on the street; is what I’m most proud of, “he said .

Thereupon, the first brave took the stage, which magically turned into a great tester. Once the client chose the design and put it, received the opinions of the other invited and, crucially, it provided expert comments on the design and manufacture.MAP DESIGN. “‘s latest collection Tramando called ‘Atlantic’ and is inspired by maps, observation and representation.

We work with multiple images and with lots of signs associated with the mapping, I can assure you, they are very attractive from the graphic ” said Churba adding that the whole collection is based on the work of Yves Herrouin, French cartographer, in their aerial views and a new way of seeing the Earth in which the plans and overlays are printed on textiles.”It’s quite a collection prêt-à-porter, is the test and they are ready to leave. Other collections Tramando, however, were more intellectual”says the designer with clear knowledge of what it says: your brand and turned 11.

Finally, before moving to draw the numerous awards they received the guests at the event, Churba made a small stock of his tour with For You and HSBC: “It’s been a year since you called me to travel to different cities and conduct these clinical fashion. I’m really happy because it is a great opportunity to get closer to people and people to see it live and direct my work. Thank For You and HSBC this space that is very rich for me, hopefully it has been for you. ”