Places in India Offering Some of the Traditional Saris that Never Go Out of Fashion


The world of fashion is a dynamic one yet, certain things never lose their charm and popularity. Take the example of Indian saris that seem to be evergreen and those that never go out of fashion. Sari is undoubtedly one of the most popular as well as famous Indian outfit that is considered to be the ultimate, as far as, the Indian fashion scenario is concerned.

A sari is known to bring out the quintessential Indian charm and beauty in you. Some saris never seem to lose their charm. Your wardrobe should have some rich classic traditional saris along with the some of the gorgeous and chic designer saris.

It is time to replenish your wardrobe. Here are the places famous for some of the most popular traditional saris in India.


Banarasi silk saree is considered to be an essential part of the Indian bride’s trousseau. These sarees had their origin in Varanasi and are known for the intricate brocade, silver or gold zari work woven with some of the finest silks for creating opulent patterns. These intricate motifs are truly inspired by brilliant Mughal designs. The pallu is rich and heavy with intricate designs that are woven in silk, silver or gold thread, jangla, tanchoi, butidar, cutwork, and vaskat. Banarasi sarees are available in silk, tussar, georgette and organza.

Markets:  Vishwanath Gali, Godoulia Market, and Chowk are some of the well-known markets where one can find a wide spectrum of these amazing Banarasi sarees. You must explore the markets to be able to compare prices and strike up the best deals. Nowadays however, exclusive Banarasi sarees are available online.


The famous Kanjeevaram sarees have their origin in Tamil Nadu. These are in rich silks and usually vibrant colors with sun, moon, animals, chariots, birds, leaves and mango motifs woven on to the silk base. The pallus as well as the border are generally in a contrasting color with intricate woven gold or zari work. These are generally very heavy sarees and are worn only on special occasions such as weddings, festivals etc.

Markets: T. Nagar in Chennai is the shopping hub for Kanjeevarams as you can find some of the most famous saree shops here namely Nalli, Sree Kumaran Stores, Kumaran Silks, Chennai Silks, and many others. Nalli and Kumaran Silks are regarded as the pioneers in this business and you could get top quality sarees here at good prices. You can buy great Kanjeevarams from reputed online shopping portals.


Kota is well-known for Doria saris that are woven on a conventional pit loom that helps to create a square check design on the sari fabric. A paste of rice and onion juice is applied to the yarn for making it stronger. No additional finishing would be required. Cotton Doria saris are very comfortable and cool to be worn during the hot and sultry summer in India. The sari is known to have a silk thread blended with cotton that gives the cool feel. Kota printed sarees are very much in demand and you could buy these printed sarees online.

Markets: You should visit the Government Emporia and the Main Bazar for buying exclusive Doria sarees for your wardrobe.


The white tant or garad saree with a rich red border is synonymous with Bengali women. These sarees are worn during the Durga Puja, Lakshmi Puja and other festivities by the quintessential Bengali beauty. Kantha stitch hand-embroidered silk, or tussar saris, Baluchari silks with rich motifs depicting mythological scenes from the Mahabharata, Vishnupuri Silks, Tant and Phulia Dhakai are some of the most renowned and beautiful sarees that you can buy during your visit to Kolkata in West Bengal, India. You could also, buy exclusive Batik printed sarees in cotton or mulmul or silks.

Markets: Gariahat, New Market, Park Street, College Street, Dakshinapan Shopping Complex in Dhakuria are some of the best places in Kolkata for buying sarees. Some of the famous saree shops include Indian Silk House Agencies, Rashbehari Avenue, Adi Dhakeswari Bastralaya , Benarasi Kuthi and Raj Lakshmi Saree House in Gariahat, Indian Silk House Agencies in College Street and Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal on M.G.Road.

Author Bio: Rajshree Mukherjee is a fashion designer and the owner of a boutique store in Kolkata. You can also buy her exclusive collection of silk sarees, tant sarees and Batik printed sarees online.