Leggings – a must have for every wardrobe!!


Gone are the days when we used to find it a task to sort the strings of our Patiala & churidars! Everything is now hassle free with the leggings fraternity. Leggings for girls have become an absolute must havea complete necessity these days. And they want it in all shapes, sizes & colours. The leggings age started with the simple ones in hues of monochrome green, red , yellow, the very basic colours. Then came the ones in off beat colours like magenta, coral green, turquoise and varied shades as suited with the dress under consideration. Then came in the era of printed leggings– floral, patterns, intricate designs, ethnic prints, prints inspired from different cultures are being adopted by designers to give a complete twist to our very own simpleton legging.

Girls are going gaga over these printed leggings & its sister concern- stockings!! Stockings are also available in varied hues & prints & look lovely with a plain monochrome dress. It adds an extra charm to the whole attire & gives a fresh look. For those who are restricted to wear long dresses & are not allowed wearing short ones- either dresses or shorts. The whole legging, jegging & stockings family is a complete blessing for them! They can wear short dresses & team them up printed leggings or stockings & flaunt the outfit in style. For sure they make you look classy, chic & make you stand apart in the crowd.

The best part about leggings &the entire leggings family is the hassle free, easily wearable part. The elastic has brought in the magic , made the ultimate wonder stroke. We just need to slip in those long leggings & we are all done, it sets into the size of our waists! The most bothersome part of cotton strings has been completely eliminated. This is great news for many as so many of them never bothered to wear churidars or our traditional Patiala because of the trouble of tying the strings. With utmost difficulty some make the effort to tie them & then definitely need help to untie the same! For sure many of us can now recall those funny moments when we were unable to open the knots & needed help from our mommy’s, sisters &granny’s. It was even more annoying when we urgently want to use the washroom, & these strings take ages to open! At those times of rescue come our very own female family members & have a good laugh about it too!! Tying the knot is definitely an art, those who have a tough time doing so would agree!

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